Zinkenbachklamm – Behind the scenes

This gorge isn’t exactly marked out well. If you search for ‘Zinkenbach’ in the GPS you’ll least find the road after that it was a guess for me. In turned out the starting point is the parking lot at the Arboretum. Then there is a forest road which leads into to Zinkenbachtal.

As it was late in the evening, driving along the forest scouting out locations was a better choice than walking. As time was precious, I could see far below interesting rock structures – layers of rock plates sitting in clear icy water. The car was stopped and parked. Now getting down below wasn’t to be an easy task peering over the side looking down was proving to be very daunting. However a muddy rope beneath the leaves was spotted it appeared sound and intact. So taking a chance, I strapped up the rucksack and tripod for the slippery descent. It took some time to get a good footing with  the loaded camera bag it meant extra care had to taken into consideration.

Below are the iPhone images of the descent and finally the results! See below!






Final Results

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