You Hate Film Development ?

The halcyon days of one hour photo in the 80’s are long gone. But why bother with color film development at home ?

In this video blog its February’s 2020 roll of film – Kodak Color Plus on the tiny Olympus XA, I explore and find out if it’s still possible to get your film developed down the high street!

Kodak Color Plus - Olympus XA
Kodak Color Plus – Olympus XA

The Film : Kodak Color Plus

The film Kodak Color Plus, is a nice dependable film which produces warm results prefect for sunlight at the beginning and the end of the day.

Graz Bahnhoif - Kodak Color Plus - Olympus XA
Kodak Color Plus – Olympus XA

Colour Film Development

Is it game over for film development ?

Can you still get your film developed down the high street ?

What does it cost? In this video/blog post I’m going to go through the options.

Kodak Color Plus - Olympus XA
Kodak Color Plus – Olympus XA

When Kodak offered their one hour express service. Replaced in entirety by digital,  ‘print your own’ stations. While this might be all fine and dandy, but hey wait a moment, I love film and enjoy shooting with my analog camera too ?

The Video

In the video, I go into the city to get my film developed, negatives and prints. I show my results and my findings.


There is hope at least here in Austria, in Graz. I suspect in your city too.

Now there are lots of good reason why not to do colour development at home. I’ll outline the reasons to do and not do home development of color film.

Kodak Color Plus - Olympus XA
Kodak Color Plus – Olympus XA

Reasons Not To Do – Colour Development

  1. Don’t have the time!
  2. There’s simply no space!
  3. No Experience
  4. Hate Chemicals and all the mess
  5. Results won’t be any good at all.
  6. Prints and Scan are easier
  7.  I want clean negatives

Reasons To Do – Colour Development

  1. There’s no where to get my film developed where I live
  2.  I need it now, I want flexibility
  3. I want to learn new things! DIY no problem
  4.  Save money
  5. Can developed Medium format 120 film and large format.

The Cost

  • Negatives €4.95
  • 10 x 15 cm Prints  39 x 0.17 = €6.63
  • Foto CD / Basic Scan €4.95



One Hour Photography Advert


Developing colour film is not as hard as you think


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