Winter Landscape with Kodak Portra 160 Yashica MAT 124


This time around I’m using Portra 160, an awesome Kodak film on the medium format Yashica MAT 124 camera.

This journey started in the Austrian woodlands, in the snow looking for images. Looking for an image that would work on Portra film. I wanted to use Portra in the landscape. I’ve used Kodak Ektar for landscape photography in the past on the same Yashica MAT 124 but I thought in the winter months, I want that pale cold desolate feel and Portra used in the landscape environment works very well for that. Normally Portra is used for people and not so much for nature and its scenery.

Right now photography may not be inspiring to you. Due to it being winter or more likely the dreaded lockdown with its restrictions and not being able to travel so far. However I would recommend to take opportunity to go to places that you would normally not go to.

To photograph the light in the winter months is incredible and without the foliage on the trees you get to see a lot more. You get see structures and buildings, you get a different perspective of what’s going on.

Everything looks a little different with snow. As well take advantage, of those conditions in the winter months. Because spring will come and then it’s yet another type of photography, concentrating on something else – on the details of things. Where in winter you tend to concentrate more on the bleakness of the landscape what it’s showing you.

As a landscape photographer, I much prefer winter, spring and autumn. Summer, I kind of … My hibernation photography months, I tend to go out and enjoy. I don’t take it too seriously the photography. But in the winter months and the autumn these are my favourite times of the year. To take a camera out and shoot.

The changing of seasons is also a really good time to make photography. Change in anything makes photography wonderful.
And this day I was out in the car and I had to stop. Get out, with this Yashica camera, meter for the sun. Work out an exposure to get this shot. It was just incredible with the God beams coming through the trees.

There wasn’t much else going on this day. There wasn’t much sun. It was probably about half an hour of sun. Before and after that half an hour was just pretty much

So as you can see Portra, it is well capable to be used in landscape photography. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed the images, do comment below and do subscribe. I hope to see you on the next one.


Unfortunately there is some stretches from the development process on some of the images. These things happen, I suppose.

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