Winter Cabin – Eben, Austria

I drove in the other direction, that I normally go. It was a day for photography but I had no inspiration. Deciding to head for the high and mighty Dachstein, but it wasn’t working for me. I turned the tripod around in the opposite direction then there it was. Often it can be so, to get started, to see.

This was one of the pictures I took last Sunday. There was a road up to the lodge which was probably cleared on the last snowfall but no one had being there since. The little Suzuki managed to push it’s way through the snow. Finally the relief, that the steep part of the street had leveled out. The cabin, the untouched snow with only the single footprints of a small wild animal. It didn’t need explaining to me, the trees had made their shadows and the sky seem to agreed.

Hope you don’t mind my ramblings.

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