Waterfall Tips Part 1 – The Grey Mare’s Tail – Blue Stack Mountains, Donegal

Well, when the weather comes in like soup – rain, mist and fog it’s time to find another subject to photograph. So if the sun disappears leaving you with a sky the color of an old school uniform – dull, gloomy and grey it’s time to find water. Water that flows, a waterfall which glows evenly in the flat light. They are especially enchanted when the mist is moving across the mountains ridges. The Blue Stack Mountains is where ‘Grey Mare’s Tail’ is to be found – no it’s not a horse, but can you see why it’s call so?  By car there is the scenic drive which is clearly signposted along the way until the waterfall can be seen in distance. It is located close to the end of the valley, this where you need to walk over wet, swampy ground. Oh don’t try drive it unless you have a dune buggy something similar! – really!

Composition and tips
The image was taken with 135mm lens to capture as much sharpness as possible because of the nature of prime lens. I just had to said that to keep all those gear heads happy! Now the real reason, was to choose the main feature of the waterfall – the top. Selecting the top of the fall gives the subject height and power. The waterfall is quite long  but there’s no advantage to include all of it in an image. When photographing waterfalls choose a dull day and be selective with which part of water is most interesting. Ask yourself next time when you are in front of such a glorious waterfall what makes it so magnificent ? What part of it ? Be selective. As a general rule photograph in portrait to emphasis the length but there are often times to break this rule – see part 2 for more! (Tomorrow Feb 13th with another image from Donegal)

Grey Mare's Tail Waterfall



Walk up to the Gery Mare Tail.

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