Warantee @ Explosiv

The misfits are back once more,  at Explosiv right here in Graz, Austria.  Hairier and freakier than ever before. The band Warantee meaning War, Ant and Tea – whatever the feck that means!  But just let me state here and now there wasn’t any tea involved or any ants harmed during their evening’s performance.

The Gig

Though I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment and reckon an educated guess these boys will certainly be supping on their tea after their epic gig and a long night out. Definitely sore heads abound the next morning.

While it was loud, forceful and with a very much side leaning towards punk. Ye of course, Warantee gears themselves up as metal slash rock attire.

Who the heck are Warantee

In these days of lapsed politics a return of punk and anti-establishment would help relieve if not medicate those frustrated with populist ideology. This is my feeling what they’re banging on about in their music – rightfully so.

The Tracks

So how would anyone describe their new album. Well I found the track Elysis had a certain Ramones like sound to it.  Then however Hate Your Friends had certain Radiohead tang to it.  There’s a lot to be had from the new album.

Warantee @ Explosiv
Warantee @ Explosiv

The New Videos

The gang were out to launch not just one but two new videos The Sun and Are You Real from their new album.


The Gallery

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