Vintage Polaroid Land Camera with Flash

Gloria poses with the splits vertically – taken with the Automatic 330 Land Camera Polaroid on Fujifilm FP100c color pack

Somehow the forty five year old wonder the beholds instance results still impresses me. It’s picture producing miracle even holds the attention span of a 13 year old teenager. Which is quite feat in our age of social media nonsense and every turn a sound bytes.

Boy, do I enjoy using the Polaroid Land Camera and posting composition of picture in picture on Instagram. It takes the digital mickey out of the platform while making me feel all woolly and warm inside like a mixed BASF tape from the 80’s recorded on chrome (nice and treble-ly).  Even if my age might be showing but both us – the camera and I share similar vintage. and isn’t vintage all the rage now?

Even my other daughter Giorgia took interest in the Land Camera. She managed to slide the focus lever from left to right, using the rangefinder type viewer to get the image in focus. The other window in camera, she used to frame.

Land Camera vs Fujifilm Instax



Using the Flash on the Land Camera

I couldn’t figure out why my flash module wouldn’t fire. A simple search on google reveals that inside the black plastic box of the flash unit contents an AA battery. To open the flash box you’ll need a screwdriver and probably like me something to clean up the contacts from a deteriorated battery from the 70’s. See images here of me blinded by the flash bulb

Polaroid of me after being blinded by the light of an old school flash bulb

[column2 last=yes]Polaroid Land Camera Flash unit

More options for Flash on the Land Camera

This video explains more about the flash options available to Polaroid Land Camera

Further Inspiration

Love this video about David Hockney and his ideas on photography. In his work he uses Polaroid images in a fantastic way. Very inspirational video for exploring new ideas.


The possibility of doing Wet Plate with an empty Polaroid pack was an idea I had. I thought it must be possible and of course it certainly is. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do this. So with the combination of Wet Plate TinType and a flash option using a PC flash connection to studio light it’s very much achievable.  My research reveal the following link on Alternative Photography (by the way a great resource) –

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