Upper & Lower Lough Bray in Winter – Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Continuing on with images from my winter trip to Ireland … (Plenty more to follow from Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford)

Both the Lough Bray Upper and Lower lakes were formed when the ice-age retreated. Resulting in two very deep, dark and impressive corrie lakes below the Kippure mountain in the county of Wicklow. The Irish playright John Millington Synge, once took a stayed at McGuirk’s cottage by the Lower lakeshore, in fact a beach was made here by carting up sand from Brittas Bay on the east coast. It is also said Synge was inspired to write ‘The Shadow of the Glen’. Source: Glencree Society

The massive outcrop between the two corries is known as the Eagles’ Crag (although the name does not appear in the OSI map). It is recorded that eagles did, in fact, breed here into the 19th century, when they were finally hunted to extermination. It still isn’t unusual to see a peregrine falcon or kestrel rising on the thermals created by the corries, but you are just as likely to see today colourful paragliders doing the same when the weather is favourable. Source: Mountain View

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