Panorama 2:1 – Under the Mozartsteg – Salzburg

I had this desire in my mind of photographing along the Salzach. The river which flows through Salzburg. I ventured out on my bike in weather that’s sub-zero temperatures of -9 to -16 on these days.

Walking down in the deep snow, I guess passers by thought I be a bit strange – they’d be right!

Using a large tripod not the carbon fiber one, they seem to snap quite easily in these temperatures. Not forgetting gloves to make the necessary adjustments as the metal is mighty cold for bare skin.

Using Tilt and Shift

The lens choose was the 24mm Tilt Shift Lens, slide to the left and then to the right. Taking two exposure and bring them into Photoshop to be merge together seamlessly. This creates an image with high detail close to 40 mega pixels, as I can’t afford a digital medium format camera just yet!

Now see the final result available for print on fine art paper or canvas.

Under the Mozartsteg

Behind the scenes image
This gives an idea of the location for the image (taken with the iPhone).

Under the Mozartsteg – Tripod + Camera


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