Übleschlucht in Lattern, Vorarlberg, Austria – The hidden wild canyon

The odd name and how its sound when spoken of this canyon in Vorarlberg – the Üble, sounds in German to me what you would say when you trip over something or someone – ‘oops’. But maybe that’s how it is, you need to trip over yourself to enter this place and suddenly find yourself in another realm. Discovering the world hidden beneath the sleepy little village of Latterns in Vorarlberg. A place cut deep into a valley far below the forest. Down and down the path goes until the giant canyon walls encompasses you with its grandeur. Tall and wild with the water flowing on its floor and from its height all around. An underworld nearly tropical in its climate if you didn’t know that you were in Austria you would believe the you found an Amazonian sanctuary. Even those it’s a magnificent palace of stone and white water most Vorarlberger know little of its existence.   I guess it the secret the queit villagers of Latterns wish to keep to themselves.

Many of the images where taken with the Tilt and Shift lens to capture the canyon in all it’s height and details resulting in high resolution images.

Truly this canyon only goes to prove these gorges are the hidden landscape of Austria.

ÜBLESCHLUCHT is part of series of image from the Vorarlberg from the Austrian Gorge.

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