Traveling by Dublin Bus


It been along time traveling by bus into the city on the classic route the 46A. They have these fancy new electronic stainless steel digit type timetables to tell when the bus will be arriving. I was finally glad to see this progress reach the suburbs of Dublin. However some things don’t seem to change here at all as the one which is the most important of all, that is, at the terminus wasn’t working at all! Well at least they are trying, that kind of thing wouldn’t be tolerated at all in Austria – oh no!

Isn’t technology great as I’m typing this blog post on a bus heading to the centre of Dublin. Even with the bumps up and down, sudden stops that only can be experienced on a Dublin double decker. Anyway I’m on my way to track down some Thai basil for tonight’s culinary delights – a curry and no lesser than a fish one. Curry seems to have magic properties that us westerners don’t seem to appreciate when it comes to the opposite sex at least in my case but that’s another story!

Equipped with my favourite set up the 50mm lens and the five (5D Mkii) camera, it’s to conquer some famous landmarks of Ireland.

One thing I can be glad of is that 7 day ticket for the bus I bought last Friday which hasn’t registered until today – Tuesday! The date only got printed onto the ticket by the machine on the bus this morning, more faulty equipment by Dublin Bus seems to be a common problem. Well as I said at least I got a couple more days of free transportation.

Passing Mount Merrion then Belfield maybe I should sit upstairs on the bus on the way back….

Today Wednesday, back on the 46A and still the fancy sliver stick isn’t working – the timetable thingy, picture below.


Took the bus once again to the Airport, 46A and then 16. Finally a little summer weather, the sun was out and people were stripping as they do here in Dublin with any chance of good weather. While on the bus everyone was sticky and sweaty. The humour of Dublin drivers is world famous by this stage. The drivers had to change over their shifts, the new driver asked the passengers if they would like him to turn on the heating on bus! – Oh I’ll miss this, when go back to Salzburg. Hence why they are famous!

The last fish supper before I took to the Airport on Connell Street. Outside no less in the sunshine too!


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