Thoughts for 2020

The year is now 2020. Who would have thought it. To me at least it sounds so futuristic like out of a sci-fi movie. Well we don’t have flying cars yet! However I’m happy to report the bicycle is still popular as ever.

I was thinking about what kind of project would I like to do this year. But first a reflection of 2019.

If I look over the year it clear that video production in the last while is apparent. This I hope will continue in 2020. As I have made a small investment in this area, such as new microphones and a field monitor for the camera. All videos this year were edited on my upgraded 10 year old Mac Pro in 4K resolution in Davinci Resolve – no small feat.

Alternative photography and a new darkroom featured throughout the summer months. An cyanotype exhibition manifested from the these months too. I’ll be the first to admit my analog or darkroom work is still very much at infancy.

Whether I wish to become more serious about it is another thing. The truth be told is that I want it simple without frustration. Tweaking things here and there. I certainly would hope for more contrast and deep blacks in my photographic prints. But that will have to wait until I find a filter solution for my ancient Durst 606!

Now that’s the second day of the new year is upon us, what are the plans / goals ?

  • One roll of film per month series with accompanying YouTube/Vimeo video and blog post.
  • Alternative photography with UV LED light for the next couple of months until sun.
  • More Fujifilm GFX work whether it be landscape or portraiture.

That pretty much it. Of course I would like to increase my subscribers on YouTube to 500+ but we’ll see.

These days it’s become quite hard to promote yourself on the Internet. Even if you write the blog posts, make the video and do all the social sharing it’s still not enough to reach over hundred views. Sadly content has to be product driven which is not something I can’t truly believe in. Even though I do use it to gain interest.

That said I do all this because I enjoy writing and making stuff. So as along as the joy is still there then why not?

What are your plans for 2020? let me know it the comments below.






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