Finally the tilt shift wonder arrived from U.S. of A. It took longer to get through Austrian customs then it took from New York to here, but that’s another story. The tilt shift wonder I speak of, is a lens made by Canon, the 24mm Mark II L to be precise.

As today was a stunning day, in fact it had be building up that way for the last few days. Some times you get a bluebird sky – cloudless which is boring for anyone making images of the landscape, you just need some dynamic to bring live to the 2D frame. That’s where the presence of clouds delivers life to the mountains, tree, etc …

So without further adieu,  here are some samples of using the Canon TS-E 24mm MKII L

Shift + Tilt upwards, not everything is straight in these old farmhouse as wood has a life of it’s own.

A creative one using selective focus.

January 23, 2011


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