The curve in the hill

Taken in the Autumn not far up the road from here at an old farmhouse called Deutlhauser

The guesthouse is ran by Uli which is a wonderful place to stay in summer or winter located at the foot of the Dachstein mountains in Ramsau.


Wow Gavin your b/w landscape work is truly breathtaking. I am always moved by your work and the way you can delicately capture the light as well as the natural beauty of the landscapes you capture.

Living in LA right now makes it really tough to shoot natural landscapes such as these… so I am currently shooting more urban images. I have loved the street shooting….but at times like these I wish to go out to the beautiful outdoors as well.

I also have a question: do you extensively use Grad filters in your work? If so, what would be a good starting kit for a standard zoom?


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