The Copper Coast – Boatstrand Harbour Arch, Waterford, Ireland

This is the second visit to the Copper Coast in Waterford. I am still finding sea arches hidden away from view. This time around it’s behind Boatstrand Harbour. The Copper Coast is becoming more and more interesting to me as there are so many hidden gems along its coastline. A remarkable coast made about 450 millons of years ago. It has shaped not only by the sea but also volcanic activity. However of course there isn’t any active volcanos left here in Ireland they’re long since past.

Video behind the scene, by the way, I should have said ‘Bun Mahon’ in the video and maybe even Boatstrand. It’s quite difficult to get the correct names of the places as the map I had is limited. Not sure if even a topo map would help.

Making the image video

The final Result

Boatstrand Harbour Arch – Copper Coast, Waterford

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