The BLT & Altenmarkt


A quick run up the road to meet Verena, an old friend of my wife.  She works at the local doctors centre in Altenmarkt. It’s about 20 minutes from where I live. It is quite a big complex with plenty of people coming and going. At present local painters and artists hang their work on the walls quite freely without much complications. They were eager enough and wish to display the images from the Austrian Gorge portfolio as soon as possible. It was funny to see the price tags of some of the pieces for about 900 Euros! Don’t worry I wish to make some sales at realistic and affordable prices !  I asked did they take commission, nope was the answer, so that another good thing.  I think the work would possibly sell as it’s not too far from the gorges and it’s in the same federal country – i.e Salzburgerland.   So all in all a positive afternoon. Next week I drop by and deliver a few pieces. It won’t be an exhibition as such but a new opportunity I guess. Interesting also I picked up, on a possible art show in August I might get involved in. I suppose it’s all about making the audience circle a little larger each time.

Altenmarkt Tourism website

After the meet up, I saw a reason to photograph the church from the back of the hospital building. Grabbing the tripod and infrared camera, I manage to make this image, taken at just over 30mm focal length. This leads me into my next paragraph of things.

The BLT rambling…

We all know, if you want to be a called a photographer mount a big white lens a upon your camera – It works every time!

Especially when I go to Ski races I take out the 12 year brick, 35-350mm L Canon blah blah … each time I’m pass through, presumed to be Press!! (It must have paid for itself by now)

Perception is funny thing, but it can be used as tool to get the job done. Shooting with the film or rangefinder often is non-threatening to the general public. “Oh is that a cute camera”, or just blend in with does new 4/3 cams ( – It’s a great format and does pretty much everything).

The Big Lens Theory (BLT) – “it will make you a real photographer, honestly!” is the motto here. I have to say, no, in fact it will make you a worse photographer. I tell our guys in the foto club and anyone buying a camera, buy a cheap 24/35/50 some basic prime and use it for a year for everything. But some just need to have to the BLT (Super Zoom), and with everything on it.

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