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When considering what is the best medium format camera for landscape on film. You’ve got to consider the aspect ratio, the weight of the equipment and the costs. Sure Hasselblad or Contax medium format film camera may seem the best but are they really ? When you hike through mountains, canyons and valleys.

The Candidates

When considering a candidate, the lens must be interchangeable and a couple lens such as a wide angle and standard lens must available. Robust enough to use in the outdoors.

Cost Mirror Lookup Format
Contax 645 $$$$ 6 x 4,5
Pentax 645N $$ 6 x 4,5
Mamiya RZ67 / RB 67 $$ 6 x 7
Pentax 67 II $ 6 x 7
Hasselblad 500C $$$$$ 6 x 6
Bronica SQ-A $ 6 x 6
Bronica ETRSi $ 6 x 4,5
Mamiya 7 II $$
Fujica GW690 $$ 6 x 9
Kiev 88 $ 6 x 6

Take from


Aspect Ratio

Right off the bat, not everyone will agree with this post.  There are many options for medium format cameras for landscape photography. The options for aspect ratios alone for medium format film start from 6×4.5 up to 6×9. Sure of course we could even consider 6×12. Oh and supposedly there’s a 6×3 and 6×4 too!

As someone who shoots a lot of landscape, I prefer the option of both portrait and landscape aspects. Therefore I personally would rule out a 6×6 camera for landscape. Some will argue with this point.

That’s the first reason but there’s a second reason; the number of shoots you get per roll. If you travel or hike for hours and you find the light is just right and, find more subjects or interests then you expected those extra frames will be a god sent.

I really do prefer 6×4.5 for these two reasons. There’s third reason too. But I’ll get on to that later. Can you guess it ?

6×3 / 6 x 4 Format

Some Rollei 6×6 cameras had adapter plates to also take pictures in 6×4 and 6×3 formats. The AGFA isolette L is able to shoot 6×6 and 6×3. The Mamiya RB67 had a Power Drive back which can handle 6×3. 

I learned that this week why Ilford FP4 has marking for 19 frames.

But that’s another story for another day …

The weight of the gear

The third reason I mention earlier, is weight. Most 6×4.5 cameras are much lighter than 6×7 and 6×6 camera. This means less to carry up a mountain. It also means less weight on your tripod head too. Now shouldn’t skimp on a tripod. Much a good carbon fibre tripod will serve you well.

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