Supermarket hacking for shopping needs

The Goal: Less diary, less meat, less sugar, less packaging and less spend.  More homemade, More fruit, More Vegetables.


Make your own bread and avoid cakes and biscuits. Make your own pizza from spelt.
Walk pass this section and go directly to the veggies section and stock up.
Avoid cereals with chocolate and palm oil. In fact buy basic muesli and add store branded cornflakes plus fresh fruit (giving your one of your five a day)
Tip: Lidl offers the best price for Spelt and dried yeast.
Buy: wholegrain flour and spelt, dried yeast, baking soda, Muesli, Cornflakes, Seeds too.


Imagine there was no dairy! to misquote John Lennon. Then this entire huge section is no longer an option! Quite literally 15% of the super market.
Tip: Avoid fresh juice in plastic bottles, make your own!
Reduce: milk, butter, yogurt and cheese.

Fruit & Veg

Hit this big time. Keep coming back several times.
Tip: Make fresh juice, add fruit to your breakfast every day
Buy: ginger, chilies, other Asia special veggies at Asia shop to avoid package and get a better price.
Buy: loose produce at local markets.
Buy: Seasonal

Fresh Meat

No pork, No mince meat, No non-organic chicken.
Or just give up meat.

Buy: Organic Chicken once a week. Beef once every two weeks.


Cold cuts of ham, turkey etc are all full of preservatives and nasty chemicals such as flavour enhancers.
Avoid this section.

Buy: Olives, Dried Tomatoes, Anchovies in glass or metal tins. No plastic.

Tea & Coffee, Spreads

I only buy Organic ground coffee. Using the grounds in the shower for exfoliate or
Place a few teaspoons of grounds on a thin cleaning rag and use to scour away grease and grime. Finish with a thorough rinsing.
Tip: Black tea at Asia store if you don’t live in the UK and Ireland. The cost is cheap and selection is superior to small size and weak tea offers.

Buy: Black Tea, Organic Ground coffee


Tip: Asia stores are great for veggies and beans in tins such as Black Bean, Sweet Corn, bamboo shoots. Again cheaper adn better selction too.
Buy: Tinned tomatoes, Beans
Buy: Organic eggs which are free ranged.
Buy: Pastas, Noodles and Rice at Asia stores.


Avoid. Use your freeze for your own food. Freeze your own homemade bread and lasagnas.


Reduce and use bi-carbonate of soda solutions and vinegar methods instead. Washing soda is a cheap alternative to the big brands and you need a large plastic containers.

Beer, Wine, Spirits

A beer now and again.