Street Discrete on the streets of Graz


Taking discrete street photography is kind of an art. A suitable lens and camera will serve you well in the matter.

I took to the streets on sunday afternoon with my Fujifilm X-E3 and 24mm. This is a small mirror-less camera where you can shoot at the hip or hold in your hand and press the shutter without anyone really noticing you, when the camera is not at eye level.

The purpose of this post is to show that it’s very much possible without being noticed and most importantly not affecting the actors in the scene – to do fun and safe street photography. I hope this post encourages you go out and make pictures.

I have to admit that I’m not a street photography by any means but from time to time, I do dabble. In fact all forms of photography certainly interests me. (Just take a wee gander at this blog from Polaroid to Alternative Photography and back again.)

This time of year the light is starting to get low in the sky and it tends to split itself through the streets of Graz. Which makes it great for light and shadow captures on windows shadows that fall across pavements – as seen below.

Keeping yourself safe on the street is an essential things. Just this week I read an article on Petapixel on an attack on a street photographer. Who was only shooting with a small Ricoh GR camera.


The next image was a guy praying upwards on the street. I shoot this while pushing my bike. Sure I could crop the image but I do like the handlebars in the scene.


All the editing and conversion to B&W was done in camera. The Fuji camera is super for this feature. I didn’t do any post at all on the PC except reduce the size with JPEGMini.

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