Six mills of the ‘Der Plötz’ in Ebenau – Part 2

Rising early on a Sunday morning at 5:50 am on a very overcast day. The question is will it rain and how heavy and how much? I had in mind to venture out to St.Gilgen. To re-visit a dry gorge to make a wide panorama image. However when arriving there it proved too much rain to work in. I just didn’t fancy setting up or bringing along a light stand with an umbrella attached. So I decided to retreat back to base – home. On the way, the thought had occurred to revisit the Der Plötz waterfall and its mills. The rain was now lighter and deemed workable.

Being equip not only with the usual camera, lens and tripod but some homemade bread and fresh filter coffee in a flask. Well if you are to get up early in the cold and wet at least make it bearable!

Der Plötz Waterfall

On the previous visit I hadn’t managed to hike to the top of the waterfall. Too much time was spent photographing. Well I said hike, it’s really an easy walk. The waterfall itself is 50m tall. I stood at the edge at the top looking down. There another of the wooden wonders also stood. This was the fifth mill I’ve encountered.  Feeling the force and watching the water topple down was quite something. It’s not often you get the pleasure to visit both the top and bottom of such a large fall.

A last minute idea to record some video too, please do forgive the sound of the dialogue.

Schroffenau Muehle

The mill that features above the fall is the ‘Schroffenau’. First built in 1540 and was still in service until 1954!

Schroffenau hinter der Mühle

Der Plötz Waterfalls and Canyon

The waterfalls on either side of the gorge down below:

Der Plötz rettenbach waterfall

Der Plötz side waterfall


Der Plötz can be found on Google Map : 7.7989207,13.1756622

The “Plötz” is found in the middle of Rettenbach with an impressive waterfall of 50 m. The mills and area are protected by ‘Naturdenkmal’.

The mill trail – Mühlenwanderweg is 6 km round tour which takes about 2 1/2 hours to walk.


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