Self portrait

It’s the end of a week, again. Finally the biography and artwork statement for at least one of the projects is now in german. Superbly translated by Samira with some help from a friend. But still many things to do, in preparation for this year, competitions, exhibitions and workshops, which I hope to achieve in some form or another. It’s choosing the right fairs or exhibitions, which are not only fun because standing around for two to three days solid can be mind numbing!

Events so far, nothing major yet. The Month of Photography in Vienna is in November but I have no venue yet!

Bio-Fest Ramsau in July, this went well last year.
People Photography, St. Stephen Green, Dublin in the end of August.
Radstadt Craftmarket in September, if they accept Fine Art Photography

Image Taken with the G10, post processed in Silver Efex.

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