Scheichenspitz a winter’s evening in Ramsau am Dachstein

There’s always a good reason to keep the tripod at hand, usually it always in the boot of the car. Just in case, the moment, the right moment where the clouds hang below the peaks and the sun is retreating.  This is where I live, the mountains behind the house called the Scheichenspitz 2640 metres.

Created with 10 images from the tripod just as the light was leaving for the day, a total 210 megapixels natively, so it should produce a wonderful  300cm x 100cm panorama canvas print without need to upscale the resolution.

Download the full size version (watermarked) – 5.5Mb

Image taken on 13th of December 2009, f/16, 1/15, ISO 100, Mirror Lock up, remote release with Len filters.

ScheichenspitzCrop ScheichenspitzCrop02

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