Scheichenspitz #3 – Fine Art Landscape

Being quite busy lately trying to finish up projects and get back out into the wilds. Today image I took about 30mins ago from the back of the house with the Canon 30D (Converted to IR), Tripod, Remote Release and 135mm f/2 lens. Exposure 1/50, f/11, Mirror Lock Up (Fn12).

I’ve being waiting for the clouds since this morning, waiting for them to rise. As it’s the middle of the day, with a deep blue sky and quite some strong light reflecting back from the snow, it seems a job for the IR Camera. The IR Camera is a specially convert DSLR with a deep infrared filter directly in front of the sensor.

Also some workshop news, I will be offering a  Fine Art Landscape courses from spring 2010 –

Yesterday I was interviewed with Brooks Jensen over at Lenswork for the next issue #87. Appears the project – ‘An Austrian Gorge’ will also feature in Lenswork Extended.

Once this head cold is gone, I’m gone, gone Ski Touring into the white beyond …

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