Street Photography : A scene from Dublin – Shoe repair

The boom might be over but shoe repair business in Dublin is still as strong. Gregory and Isaac run the shoe repair store just over the canal beside the Barge pub. I had just dropped in to get a key cut. While I looked around and ask could I make a photograph. Both of them had no objection. It’s an interesting place which has remained through the ups and now the down of Ireland’s celtic tiger.

So this is a simple lesson in photography to get ahead – So you find a scene worth photographing which is not public, what do you do ?  run away because you are too shy or do you – quite simply you ask! Well that what often works. When you ask and the person in question kindly agrees you have more freedom and often it leads to making more images,  you might not have got. Maybe I should have title the post blog – ‘Ask and you shall receive’

Scenes from Dublin - Shoe Repair


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