Sand Dune – Kilmichael Strand, Wexford, Ireland

Listening to Punk music this afternoon which my older daughter (aged 7) enjoys very much. Going against the tide, the trend, ignoring the hype is often the true way to discovery. Blocking out the noise.

Finding your own whisper of a voice in nature or in the landscape is the place to begin, to create art. For if we could let ourselves for a moment, slip away from everything else. Then maybe we could see the simple display of grace in the natural world. Even in erosion and decay, the sand breaking away from the dunes leaving structures and lines.

Even in the chaos of the beach, there is natural order, a process. How things are sorted, moved and tied together, the beach composition of stones, rope, branch and reeds (image in the gallery below), Couldn’t they be elements or metaphors for how the mind thinks and manages life ?

I leave you with two images, taken on the 20th of this month at Kilmichael Strand, County Wexford.

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