Salzburg street images inspired by limitations

So what do you do when there no clouds in the sky and you’re inspired towards landscape photography ? Well the light was warm and getting lower as the sun went on its descent. Its light started to sprawl shadows across dull surfaces normally that would be uninteresting. Splitting up shapes and splicing up the most boring of subjects. It dictates the photographer where the camera should be pointed. When light doesn’t guide us we are left with the mundane. It has the power to make the flattened sensor inside the camera take depth and build form to a one dimensional surface.

Limiting yourself to where the light is on show and then further limiting yourself to a fix lens forces not only composition but creativity. Using only a 50mm lens on a full frame camera and the use of your feet to move to find the best location.

Hopefully you’ll be inspire by the limitations of just going where the light is on display. Below are the images I’ve taken today – 5th of June 2012 from Salzburg old city and on my return home.








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