Rub your eyes and go to sleep …

Plenty of snow today, driving was not so fun but I’m grateful for 4×4 and not having to venture out to put snow chains on, in the cold like all the other poor sods. TNT delivery couldn’t get up the hill from Schladming to Ramsau am Dachstein, so I had to collect the package down in the valley. The package, a new Mac mini for a friend, I’ve convinced him to abandon his aging PC which is now crippled with viruses after repairing it twice with in the last few months. Frankly it cost too much to maintain PC. Personally when it comes to technology for me, it has to work with the minimum of fuss. As I always say, ‘Life is too short’.

Anyway it end of day, big yawns and I’m fighting the big sleep. Time to chill out.

Image taken with the G10, Jan 9th, 2010

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