Ramsau Kulm panoramas – evening and morning.

Want to know how tricky a landscape image is? how much preparation goes into it ?

In the morning, I decided to check out the location to gain the best vantage point to capture the mountains and Ramsau Kulm’s Church (which is the oldest in the region of Styria). So no clouds, nonetheless it was a recon-sense mission to check out the location.

ramsaukulm panorama in the morning

The main image of the post was taken before 4 O’Clock in the afternoon, when the side light of the sunset’s glow is the strongest. Heinz Bertl and I decided to make a panorama image, the location was picked, the sky had some clouds as I had ordered. Now for the magic is to get those middle clouds to glow. We were there, at the right place, the right time, the scene was near perfect, but the other side of the sky was overcast reducing the glow needed to bring the image a life.

All wasn’t waste, goodness not, a lot learned.

Ramsau Kulm and Gutenberghaus (2)

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