Ramblings on Digital Medium Format and using Mamiya Lens on Canon

Thinking about going Digital Medium Format

Well I was doing some research on DigiBacks and Medium Format. While now the second hand market has brought Digital Medium Format under the 5,000 Euros mark for a system. You probably could manage a Hasselblad H3D with 22MP and lens or Mamiya system with a few lens. The Mamiya tends to be the most flexible with more lens available at a cheaper price than the Hassy. The options for Digital Backs are many though : Aptus/Leaf/Hasselblad/Phase One etc…

As I was still researching away, when I thought to myself I don’t want to sell my Canon system with my nice primes and 24mm TSE MKII – oh no. Yet, Digital MF offers much more in terms of color depth and dynamic range, even the the new Nikon D800 can’t match it. So why buy a DSLR with 36 MP with lenses when you could buy an entry level MF system ? Of course it all depends on the type of photography you pursue. However as a landscape photographer mainly in B&W, a MF system appeals to me. Firstly I shot 90% of the time on a tripod at 100 ISO with live view and manual focus.  Taking  50-80 images a day maybe, just slight difference exposures and compositions. Which boils down to it, if am lucky ten subjects that interest me.

Using Mamiya Lens on Canon

I love to be able to make the most of my camera equipment, in fact if I notice I no longer am using a lens or camera body – I sell it. So this leads me onto using Mamiya Lens on a Canon DSLR. There are two adaptor the Mirex Tilt/Shift and Fotodiox offers a straight Mamiya to EF convertor. I leave you with some interesting links I’ve found on my Internet travels below.

Links to Mamiya Adaptors for Canon

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