Powerscourt Waterfall – Enniskerry, Wicklow, Ireland

Powercourt Waterfall #1

On a February winter’s day along with a dusting of new snow on the ground, the location – Powerscourt Waterfall was chosen. A dark and changing sky allow the details and the beauty of the fall to be captured. It is at this time of year the waterfall offers the most tranquility as very few visitors are around, the photograph I hope reflects this. The only people I met were two ramblers and a local, walking her dog about an hour later or so.

Images taken on 22/02/2010 with Canon 5D MkII with 17-40L f/16 1/5-1/10 ISO 100 with Len Filters.

This and other images of Wicklow are available for viewing and purchase as print from the main website – http://www.glyons.at/photographs/artwork?keyword=wicklow

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