Portrait Presets using ON1 Photo Effects on Fujifilm

While I’ve just started to use ON1 Raw Photo for editing my Fujifilm Raw Files to see how things flow. In the past I’ve been happy to use Silver Efex which is still one of my favourite tools when it comes to post-processing black & white images.

As much as I like ON1 Raw, there is too many presets and effects that I find hard to take seriously. Therefore I made my own which I believe are more subtle and suited to my  work.

Giorgia – Fujifilm XT-2 with XF35mm
Giorgia at sundown
Giorgia at sundown – Fujifilm XT-2 with XF35mm
Giorgia #2
Giorgia #2 – Fujifilm XT-2 with XF35mm
The Soft Clown Jesse
The Soft Clown Jesse  – Fujifilm GFX with 63mm
Jake – Fujifilm XT-2 with XF35mm
Jesse – Fujifilm XT-2 with XF35mm

As I work with ON1 Raw I’ll build a preset collection. Once it’s finish I’ll release on my blog. So for the time being I’ll leave you with some portraits taken with the XT-2 and GFX


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