Film Per Day

A year long project for 2021 – one black and white film image per day. All images are self developed on Ilford FP4 plus film.

Why I’ve started shooting film again

I think for me, the reason I shoot film is the escape from screens, technology and reliance on it. I guess the reliance of electronics. I love the basics, the pure simpleness of it. Hand processing the film in developer. Choosing a particular chemical developer, agitation, time, temperature, film stock, etc… All these variants I can control, manipulate without the need of a computer, operating system, software packages etc.. It’s definitely the touch and the feel of the negative in your hands.

Making something by hand and learn to make it better. Just like cooking a delicious meal – I did it! It wasn’t the camera’s digital film simulation, nor the contrast curve in Photoshop, or the applied filters either. I physically did it!

I went to the place, I put up the tripod, set the mirror lookup, choose the film in the film back, placed a filter in front of the camera, developed the film with my own recipe and experience, let it to dry, inserted it in the film holder, adjusted the enlarger’s focus and printed one image.

So much can go wrong but the joy of journey is often better than the destination – you learn so much.