Is it fun what you are doing ?

Radstadt, Austria – Art & Craft Market

‘If ‘aint fun don’t do it’ or why are you doing it ? is the question your should be asking yourself . Doing something you enjoy in life is a sign of success, not in terms of monetary value but in terms  of fulfilment or meaning. Setting personal goals, a wish list, if you will. These are all essential if you going to squeeze as much juice out of life with a camera or your passion.

While of course there are responsibilities to keep under control. They increase and decrease depending on where in life you are at -who you need to look after and what has to be paid. But it’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that must be done and end up in a repetitive routine. It seems as we leave the 20’s and into the 30’s, we have culminated so many layers of duties. Our way of thinking gives us no time for the inner child. The inner child – the creative one, we leave in the shadows, left in his room to play by himself.  We have simply no time to play artist or discovery.

Ah sure there is no need for this anymore!

Isn’t every possible desire or how we could feel, can be achieve by retail ? To achieve the homely-casual-modern,  go-relax with a touch of bohemian we simply drop down to Ikea and dress our living space appropriately.

The clever marketing people have tap this desire, leaving us without the need to think or explore. I’m not against Ikea it’s just an example of modern living – a mode that most wish to be switched to and left in automatic.  But is there an alternative ? can society change ? or doesn’t it want to ? can making art enriching our lives ?

Originally Posted Jan 28, 2010

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