Pentax 6×7 – Unplanned Fashion Shoot

Georg and I decided to do an unplanned fashion shoot at night with the Pentax 6×7. Using the legendary 105mm f/2.4 lens on Kodak Portra 400 film. We got into trouble with the light but we managed to solve the lighting issue with an LED light and four legged tripod!We test the shutter on Pentax 6×7. We talk flash sync, leaf shutter and versions of Pentax models.

Flash and Pentax 67

According to Joe concerning the Pentax 67, “So the flash is just a Nikon SB600. Any flash will work though. Yes, the shutter has to be at 1/30 or slower. People have a fundamental misunderstanding about this sync speed causing an issue with image blur. The flash freezes whatever is happening, so camera shake really isn’t an issue. If you look at my last video, all of the shots in the pool were done with a leaf shutter lens, so I was able to sync at 1/500, but that was more to take the sun down than for camera shake.”

Furthermore he goes on to say, “Oh, also, the way I meter the flash is by having the subject or my assistant hold the light meter and then I do a test flash to measure. If they have a light complexion, I underexpose by 1/3 to 1/2 stop. If they have a dark complexion, I overexpose by the same amount.”

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