Parasol – Macrolepiota procera

The Parasol, Macrolepiota procera, needs spenty of air of to grow, usually it is found between the edge of the forest and a field. (However it can be found within the forest but general where there is a small clearing.)  My daughter age 7, find them often, last one was well over 30 cm in width when fully opened.

I have to say I enjoy searching for mushrooms and most of all eating them. The Parasol happens to be a favorite of mine, simple to prepare. The stem is slightly woody and hollow, the trick is to slowly wedge out the stem from the top. Using the stem as a drum stick tap the top of mushroom to expel any debris, no need to clean any further, just fry. But remember if you are not sure about the identity  of fungus, leave it, plus only eat fresh mushroom (edible ones that is!).

The image was taken by reversing the centre column of the tripod to get the camera, stable and straight onto the subject at a low level. This is important to give the subject it’s full height while keeping the plan of view level to get bring out as much details as possible without using too much depth of field. A zoom lens was also used to blur out the background. The subject was selected, as two items or more of the same thing often strengths a image. Taken in the early morning with soft light on the heads and stems of the parasol.  Hopefully tomorrow, I may repeat the visit, as they are due to open in the next one to two days.

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