Off to Mull, probably I’m as mad as a brush …

So far I’ve booked 2 return flights, 1 return ferry trip, 1 rental car, 3 form of accommodations for this week long trip.  Early in the morning I commence by journey from Ramsau to the Isle of Mull. One flight from Salzburg to Stansted then from there onto Glasgow. Where I pick up a rental car the second cheapest one, then stay over night in a B&B I booked last night. The GPS will be required, as the time I reach Oban on the Scottish coast it will be pitch dark. Far as I know there’s an excellent fish’n’chip shop in Oban so that will be the order of the evening meal. Actually a meal I’ll genuinely look forward to.

Supplies - Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland
Supplies - Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland

I’m imagining hearty fried up in the morning at the B&B, soon afterward off to pick up supplies for the week of self catering for this madmen in the wilds of Mull.  Once abroad the CalMac ferry and 45 mins trip across the water onto Mull then 45mins to the Cottage. A Fishersman’s Bothy that I’ve rented for the stay on Mull, it’s close by for one of my major hikes and what I believe to be an incredible setting. In my luggage which I hope survives the two flights over is a large glass flask (As those metal alu type don’t retain the heat as well).  It will be filled with tea or a couple of doses of Cup-a-Soup that I’ll carry on these hikes.

The weather is going to be cold and maybe a little snow thrown in. No fear of the cold, it’s the wet winds that cuts the face and hands that’s the issue.

The tides for the week are massive from 1.5  to 4 metres some days is not much fluctuation at all (2-3m). So I’ve planned the hikes which need low tides to access the subject matter on appropriate days at good times. Yes I think I am mad, it’s really hard to know until you’re on the ground and see the force of the elements at hand.  Most definitely the ski underwear, two pairs in fact are packed along with the walking pants and mountain boots. Hat, gloves and a “windstop – primaloft – waterproof” jacket (more tech in this piece clothing than some camera – probably). Sure if it doesn’t work out there’s always Fish’n’Chips!

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