Newsletter 2016/1 – Alternative Photography from Graz to Rome


I’m so glad to share with you recent  experiences in photography. Wet plate collodion from 1850’s, a journey with an antique camera from the 1930’s and producing cyanotype too.  Firstly you may not of heard I’m now based in Graz  in south east Austria if you haven’t already figured out from my blog’s posts.

It my pleasure to prepare and publish new posts on the blog which I hope will excite and inspire.   Please do share and  comment, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Children playing, Jesu Herz Kirche Graz - Fujifilm Neopan Acros ISO100 ƒ/5.6 1/50

Analog Adventures in Medium Format in Graz

Well each day brings something new, which is always good when its medium format photography. I mean what’s not to like?  The photo project idea in mind was to incorporate into my trip to Rome and Naples something not too evasive to my visit to the south of Italy.

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Voigtlander Bessa in Rome using Medium Format

Now the Bessa had proved itself a viable option for travel. It was time to pack the gear for a Roman hoilday of some description – an adventure! A trip in the black’n’white media to capture the nostalgic feel on film. So what better to use than a camera from the late 1930’s to do the job! In my previous blog post, I’d mentioned the use of two types of film Neopan and PAN F.

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Tin Type Wet Plate Exposure for Collodion

Continuing on from previous journey into the alternative process. I’ve been trying. Rushing home from work to catch the last bit of sunshine from the end of day.  Even though I’m lucky enough to live in Graz with an interesting church straight outside my window, I’ve failed, failed to make a decent image of the awesome red brick church from my living room. Maybe at some point I will make a presentable wet plate image.

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