New Year 2016 – Dun Bristé at Downpatrick Head

Firstly Happy New Year to you all who come visit my blog.

Back in autumn late last year before arriving on Achill Island, a stop off to Downpatrick head was in order. This is a classic location for all landscape photographers who are visiting or living  in Ireland. Dun Bristé is an impressive sea stack, estimated to be approximately 50 metres in height, stands 80 metres off Downpatrick Head in Co Mayo.

Many of the well known Irish photographers such as Peter Cox, Gareth McCormack have done this shot from inside the cave. The cave or tunnel goes through beneath the headland. Unfortunately the tide and the time of the year wasn’t right to do the tunnel shot of course. You really need to plan the trip at low tide at a particular time of year, this is no room for error.

However David Horkan’s blog post and video amazingly shows the cave that leads to the stack accessible by Sea Kayak.

An interesting take on the location is Alex Boyd’s shot using 19th century photography techniques.

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