Nevermind the tourists! – Salzburg in Infrared

How to make images in the middle of day with harsh sunlight and tourists everywhere ? Very simple switch over to Infrared. My old DSLR actually a relic at this stage in digital terms. Yes, it’s a 30D Canon about 10 MP or something. Nonetheless it’s fun to use and it has produce artwork in the past. Only just recently I produced a canvas from such camera 150x100cm. The faithful camera, otherwise known as the ‘Drama Queen’ because of the dramatic results of dark skies filled with bright fluffy white clouds. So today being a lazy sunday afternoon it was time to head inside the city of Salzburg with a Ice cream and a good friend to make this little collection of images.


Hey Gaven, I have an old Nikon D50 (my first digital camera) that I have considered turning into infrared – the cost is about $300 US. After seeing your photos, I may just do it! Thanks again for the great images. Tom

Thanks Tom. If you have a camera with Live View, I’d recommend use this instead for the conversion. The auto-focus is slight off with IR Light, the company who converts the camera may adjust for you but still LV is better so you can fine tune it.


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