Natural Arches in Slovenia

The first arch I came across in my neighbouring country of Slovenia to Austria was in the Mostnica gorge. To be honest I wasn’t even sure it was an arch.

Andreas and I were there to photograph the gorge itself. We have been there a couple of times scouting out the place.

This time around, down river I found what appeared to be an arch in the water. Now, not until recently had I known of its existence nor its name. The arch in question is officially called the little elephant arch.

What’s an Arch ?

Definition: A natural arch, bridge or tunnel is a void beneath still standing bedrock, usually of short extent, and allowing human passage from one end to the other, at least part of the time. The other entrance/other side is visible from each side.

A natural arch is an arch of rock formed by erosion (weathering) from the bedrock.

A natural bridge is a bridge of rock typically spanning a ravine or valley and formed by the erosion of a former cave. Source

Zoomorphic pareidolias

Is that a mad looking word or what! – zoomorphic pareidolias ? Basically it’s a funky way of called faces or shapes of animals found in nature. Who would’ve thought!

Slovenia has more natural arches to discover

I’ve being searching out arches in Ireland for sometime. So why not go looking for them over the border in Slovenia.

Here is a list of them, so far what I’ve found. If you know of some more please let me know in the comments below.

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