Lower Lough Bray in Winter, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Still working away with the images from Ireland, Wicklow, Wexford and Dublin. Here’s one up in the snowy wicklow mountains, which I’m glad to had the chance to capture, a place which is one of my favourites to hike.

This image was taken at the Lower Lough Bray in the Wicklow Mountains, in the late afternoon (using a ND8 filter at ISO 50, 22mm f/18 0.6s). The idea here was to flatten the water as much as I could without any need for photoshop later. There was a slight wind closer in which is seen on the water, this add another contrast within the image – the still and wildness.

It was certainly icy and cold, I managed to slip into the water not just once but twice, each foot! But a change of socks were at hand, which I’m grateful for!

Taken on the 22/02/2010

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