Lith Print – Abhi in the ice bath

When it comes to freezing your nuts off an ice bath will do the trick. If you’re mad enough and apparently, I am. Abhi and I, a good friend of mine roped me into do such a feat. It’s a day long course to psych you up and get you into the water, at just 2 degrees above zero. I guess I’ll do anything for a photo op.
Here’s a brief overview of the benefits of taking ice baths? – again it’s not for everyone!
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling. When you take an ice bath, the cold temperature narrows your blood vessels. …
  • Relieves sore muscles. …
  • Aids exercise recovery. …
  • Lowers core body temperature. …
  • Supports immunity. …
  • Improves mental health.


On the day I brought along my trusty medium format camera, the Bronica ETRSi with my bashed up carbon Manfrotto tripod. Which has seen more water action than flipper the dolphin, with all the gorges and waterfall I’ve photographed over the years.

Negative projected onto the easel before exposing onto photographic paper.
Negative projected onto the easel before exposing onto photographic paper.
I had in mind the idea of a traditional black and white darkroom print. That was the first print, I made in the darkroom under red light on Ilford Plastika paper. This a paper I’ve used before and loved. The paper is probably well over 50 years old but performs amazingly well. Under the easel the paper will goes however first the 6×4.5 negative from my Bronica camera is placed into the enlarger’s negative carrier above. The image is projected, cropped, adjusted and focused before exposing onto the paper. The exposure time needs to be calculated by using test strips to determine the best exposure time for the aperture of the enlarger’s lens.
Once the image is exposed onto the paper, it’s developed in chemicals in the first tray, then into the second tray to stop the development and finally into the fixer to finalise the image onto the paper. All of this is done under red light.
Washing the print in the darkroom
Washing the print in the darkroom
I was happy with the final print however I had a Lith session planned for the follow week. I had thought why not try this negative with the Lith process!
You can read more about the Lith process here
B&W Print of Abhi in the Ice Bath
B&W Print of Abhi in the Ice Bath

Exposure Effect on Lith

While ice bathing may not be for everyone, well even more can be said about the Lith process. Just double the light from the same negative onto the paper can make such changes to the tones on this old Tura Excellent paper.

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