Lithing with Argenta Paper

This Munich company was setup by the then composer and zither player Ludwig Müller. They had produced quite a lot of different B&W photographic papers and some specialities such as photo linen and paper colored with copper, silver and gold.

Agrenta SuperBrom Traditional Darkroom Print
Agrenta SuperBrom Traditional Darkroom Print


Sadly the company ceased production in 1991.  They may have produced for other brands such as Guilleminot, Kentmere, Luminos, Zone V and Freestyle.

How I got the paper

Jumping down that photographic paper rabbit hole just one more time! This time around I’m checking out Argenta papers in a job lot of 8 kilos. Which includes mainly various Argenta papers of different sizes. The package also included are some old Hungarian Forte and Viennese Austron papers.  I brought this lot for the prime purpose of Lithing –  The Lith Process. I’m expected another delivery from ebay – of Kodak Polymax RC Glossy in quite a large format 24.5 x 30cm.

Let’s talk a little about the history and any background that can be scrapped together concerning these relic papers from the distance past.  

Argenta Paper Job Lot
Argenta Paper Job Lot


In fact all of the papers except Ilford and Kodak no longer exist as companies. The digital resolution pretty much put an end to the manufacturer of photographic papers general. Only Foma and Ilford are serious producers of papers these days. There lies the problem that these modern photographic papers will not Lith. They are in fact not Lithable, hence the reason for searching out other papers from the past.

Lithing with Argenta

The Agrenta SBS 12PE  Lith pretty easily. It’s an RC paper so straight forward and fast to fix and wash as are the advantages with RC papers. However the matter paper is hard to tell which side has the emulsion. I’ve made the mistake twice now. Each time getting a result albeit the exposure through the paper onto the back side. Where usually I’ve written on it.

Old bike details - Lith Argenta (Exposure through paper)
Old bike details – Lith Argenta (Exposure through paper)


Argenta paper has lovely cream tone compare to the Mimosa Paper below which also wonderful black green tone. It just show how Lith and paper properties play their roles in the tone and contrast of the final image in the paper print. Expect more Liths from Argenta, sadly I’ve very few sheets left of Mimosa though.


Old bike details - Lith Mimosa Paper 18x24
Old bike details – Lith Mimosa Paper 18×24

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