Landscapes from the Aran Islands, Ireland

It was time to travel back to Ireland… Off the coast of Galway to the Inis Mór, the largest of the three islands.

As an Irishman, I can say  – we are optimistic with the weather. That optimism is brought to an entirely new level of faith on the islands of Aran. Where weather changes so quickly in the matter of minutes in the course of the day. Some days when it’s good it often reverts from sunshine to rain as the clouds move at their pace. At the end of season around September there are plenty of chances to capture big skies with light glowing and illuminate through onto the land below. This was case as nature performed its show.


My so short visit and stay – I was at its mercy. The sky would settle for a moment and then fleets away.  For a photographer these rotating cycles meant keeping guard – being  armed with camera at the ready. I wanted to explore the coastline, its cliffs, rock structures and hope to found a subject in need. I hadn’t manage to put a fixed plan together in my head. I guess this was due to the duration of the stay and temperament of the weather. I knew one day was going to be some what clear. The rest was up to chance and being creativity. Another words keeping positive.

DSCF8211   When you scan Aran, the landscape is full of laid out building blocks waiting. If to be collected and brought somewhere to be constructed. All these collections or orders of material are bound by manmade stonewalls that are right angle to each other. Their grey slender lengths lie across a table as if a giant child was sorting out a puzzle to be completed.

Other parts of the surface appear as cracked skin and dried out mud. Smooth and washed pieces kept warm and surrounded by wild grass between these.


While the coastline drops its self suddenly into the ocean from a towering height forming its specular cliffs. A firm square jaw making no excuse for beauty. Weathered, raw and sharp.


I do hope you enjoyed the text and images. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I have more images to post of Aran, so I’ll get going with the next update in a couple of days.

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