Kindergarden Ski School Race, Ramsau am Dachstein

Telling a story is important part of photography, it brings interest to the viewer. The viewer is brought forward, closer to the subject of your images. Whether its a local village fair or children’s ski race, telling the story within a picture and then within a series of photographs. After all you want your viewer to understand what you saw, and using an image is often the best way to translate this. There are many photo forums and many photo galleries  heaped with single random images which aren’t tied together, isn’t this just more clutter ? forcing your eyes to go on a visual taste bud roller-coaster ride. I just wish more image makers would commit to a project , a story if you will or a series.

If you want your images to be noticed, be consistency in quality and style, tell a story,  make a series of pictures about the event or the subject.  Look for the best overall shot, the close up, the action and the details. These things together will reinforce your vision you wish to portray to your viewer.

Therefore I often take a camera to practice this method, a method I’ve made up based on what I see of other photographers work. It’s ok to be a mediocre photographer as along as your mediocrity is consistency as Bill Jay said.

From this afternoon, taken with the Leica M8 + Zeiss 35mm f/2. Post processing in Silver Efex, adding some grain as I reckon year after year these races have continued. So the post process is to give the impression of timelessness or stuck in a point in time.

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