The two Kievs – Kiev 60 and Kiev 4a

This week I have a guest shooter, Georg Bauer with his Kiev 60. The both us shoot Kiev on the street Graz with some Kosmo and Ilford Film on these former U.S.S.R cameras. The Kiev 60 and Kiev 4a were made in the Ukraine at Arsenal factory in Kiev hence their names.

Georg and I demonstrate loading film into the Kiev 60 and Kiev 4a. The Kiev 60 maybe clunky and quirky but discover in this video the images from both these cameras. Kiev 60 being a medium format camera and Kiev 4a a rangefinder camera. See our results we achieved in the streets of Graz.

Of course no Eastern block video concerning cameras would be any good without some images of Trabants too.

Kiev 60 – Georg Bauer Images


Kiev 4A Images by Gavin Lyons

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