Isle of Mull, Ulva and Iona – Photo adventure planned for January

In the last while I’ve been quite quiet on the Interweb, keeping my head down with running my day to day business and most importantly planning my next photo trip. Not knowing when I was going and getting more anxious and excited about it, it was time. Time to book the flights and make plans, with one week to start to discover Mull. In reality 5 full days, the hope is to return later in the year to encounter more. Mull is huge in terms of landscape and wildlife photography.

From Glasgow the Isle of Mull is about three and half hours away if everything runs smoothly. The roads on the island are single lane traffic so patient is essential especially in winter when there might be snow. Nonetheless the adventure is set for January, a ordnance survey map is bought to understand the lay of the land. When planning a trip such as this a good detailed 1:25000 map is paramount.

View Isle of Mull in a larger map

The places I wish to encompass in my journey of five days.

  • Gribun to The Wilderness – Ardmeanach peninsula
  • McCullough’s Fossil Tree – Ardmeanach peninsula
  • Sea Arches at Carsaig
  • Balsalt Columns on Ulva
  • Ardtun’s Fossil Leaf Bed
  • Beaches of Iona

Two days covering the Ardmeanach peninsula this will involve at least six hours walking. Top side of the Peninsula starting at Gribun and into the place they call the Wilderness! (doesn’t that sound awesome)

On different day, take on the bottom part of Ardmeanach.  As it may be better to tackle something a little easier after a full day’s hiking. This area has the McCullough’s Fossil Tree and other wonders of course along the way.

That leaves three days left, one for the Sea Arches at Carsaig, maybe the Balsalt Columns on Ulva. Now would be amazing to travel out to Staffa but I guess in winter the seas are too rough for such a challenge, I leave the island for the second trip I reckon unless the opportunity is available.  Now that leave me with Ardtun’s Fossil Leaf Bed and possibly a trip to Iona as well.

More to follow ….

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