Inishmore further impressions from the edge of the world – Aran Islands, Ireland

Following on from my trip to the Aran Island, Inishmore. Below the beautiful square shapes in the cliff face on the way to worm hole.


The drop from the side at Dún Aonghasa is one of the magical places on the Irish coastline. Along with the view and the force of the waves leaves not only a feeling of awe but gives a true sense of escape. The shear bareness and bleak landscape surrounded by the ocean lets you know with a simple message that nature is bigger than all of us.



Life of fishing and tourism is essential to the Aran Islands. Even those it may be grey and hard, there is color in things that may not be expected to be, as in the picture below.


Across the bay to Kilronan on Inishmore


Washing time on the Inishmore, a handy wheelbarrow proves useful to deliver the load back and forth for the line!


When the rain and gloom of grey dominates above, I used the overcast days to capture these images. The elements will only emphasis the edginess of stone like a scored skin. The surface of Inishmore is mainly flat with few hills.

DSCF7985Blackberries are a wonderful snack at this time of year especially when you are out and about walking. They grow wild all over the island and are free to pick.


This image lives better I believe in black and white.


Finally after a long walk and exploring the Cafe before Dún Aonghasa exceeded my expectations of food and services. Definitely recommended – especially the Guinness beef stew!


This is “me” self !


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My companion, Iris joined me on this trip, so she deserves a mention and of course a picture too 🙂


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