In the gorge, no socks, no shoes – Bärenschützklamm

I’m just back from the Bärenschutzklamm, it’s takes an hour and half to go through the gorge with it’s wooden walkways at a total length of 1.4 km, with 2900 steps, 115 bridges, 49 ladders (never climbed so many in all my life!).  Plus it takes 90 mins hiking to reach the entrance of the canyon, then an hour and 45mins to get down from the top of canyon. So with photographing, video and audio it was whole day with 4 hours driving.

Arriving home at 1 Am, not before I drop into Graz to meeting a friend and a photo exhibition at the academy. But it was worth it, and the waded in the water with tripod a few times. As a bonus I found two natural arches along the way.  Also there’s a Hütte (Alpen lodge) serving food at the top which is all the more reason to do it!

Now with the Bärenschutz visit it means the Styrian region is pretty much complete as the major gorges have been covered. I reckon there 20 more to go!

To see all the images captured from this gorge, please do view them – Fine Art B&W image of the Bärenschützklamm

5 in Tirol, 2 in East Tirol, 3 Vorarlberg, 3 Lower Austria, 4 Upper Austria, 3 Carinthia,  1 Wien, 0 Burgenland (too flat for canyons)

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