The Holy Spirit Canyon with Fujifilm GFX 50s & ON1

The Holy Spirit Canyon

Found on the southern Styrian Wine Route is where the Heiligengeistklamm otherwise known as ‘The Holy Spirit’ Canyon is found. There’s also Altenbachklamm in Oberhaag the second gorge in the region  but I’ve yet to visit it.

Below are some images taken with Fujifilm GFX 50s medium format digital camera.

All the images were post processed in ON1 Photo Raw 2018 Beta. Some notes below about the software I’ve included in this blog post.





Heiligengeistklamm #2
Heiligengeistklamm #2


Black & White Conversion in ON1 Photo Raw 2018 Beta

I’m still wrangling through all the options in ON1. For me personally as mainly a B&W landscape photographer I tend to use my own way of doing things in ON1. I’ve already started building my own presets for portraits and I’ll probably include landscape presets too as I go on.

Heiligengeistklamm #3
Heiligengeistklamm #3
Heiligengeistklamm #4
Heiligengeistklamm #4

Wide Angle for the Fujifilm GFX

The standard lens on the Fuji MF is the 63mm f/2.8 which in itself is an awesome piece of glass. Sharp and small.  However as a landscaper something wider is more appropriate something in the lines of 30-35mm would be the ticket.   Probably the Mamiya 35mm Sektor C or the Pentax 35mm would suit really well.    Jake Horn writes a review on the lens here – 

To get the Mamiya or Pentax onto the GFX  Fotodiox have many adaptors to do the job.  –

Both 35mm medium format lens offers a near 28mm experiences coming from the full frame world of 35mm film or digital.

I know Fujifilm offer the 23mm lens but I don’t wish too be too hasten about a super wide angle as this.  However reports are good about this lens. I’ll hang on a little while before investing more. Mind you the tilt-shift adaptors for the GFX are interesting too.

Post Process ON1 Photo Raw 2018 Beta

My findings on ON1  so far

I started using both 2017 and 2018 editions with the Fujifilm GFX 50s RAF files which are quite large over 100Mb for raw files.  In general the software does a lovely conversion of the raw files.

Bug: However there is an issue with the zoom function in both editions of the software. The “zoom in” works but when attempting to zoom out it never goes back to show the entire image. It seems to lock into only a small portion of the image. The ‘fit’ option doesn’t reset to the full size of the image. My workaround is to go into the develop mode and use ‘fit’ to reset the zoom. It makes it difficult to work with GFX raws with ON1 Raw. Unfortunately this simple thing is really annoying and slows up the workflow. I don’t have the problem with XT-2 RAF files by the way. Also the performance with the GFX RAF files is quite sluggish.

Apart from that I’ll continue with the software for the time being.


I’m just starting out with the GFX. After using ON1 to convert your raw files, what editor are you using to finish the job? Also, since your files are 100mb, does that mean you’re shooting uncompressed?
Great shoots by the way.

Hi Troy,

Thank you for your comments and compliments too always nice to hear. AFAIK, I shot always with compressed raw because it’s lossless.

Best Regards,

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